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  • Metamorphosis

    Genre: Science Fiction/Horror/Military/Action & Adventure/High Tech

    Ben Gardener, after being deported by Isis planetary authorities, is a passenger aboard a deep-space salvage vessel. While en route, the crew retrieves an ancient probe containing a mysterious payload. No stranger to highly advanced technology, Ben is harboring an alien artificial intelligence named Jack. Who repeatedly warns him that the probe's cargo is deadly. Before Ben and Jack can neutralize the threat, one of the crew steals the cargo and unleashes a genetic weapon that threatens to sweep the galaxy!

    METAMORPHOSIS is a fast-paced, modern day Pandora's Box that combines horror and military science fiction.

  • How To Publish an EBook for Under $350



    You've written a gripping story, an inspirational biography, or a motivational bestseller, but no publisher or agent will return your calls? Why not publish your own ebook? This author did, and for under $350! Greg Lundberg describes the seven things you need to successfully publish your ebook. If you have a little bit of computer skill, you can minimize your expenses. Don't have the technical know-how? A list of service providers is furnished who can do the task for you.

    “As an indie author and publisher, I know firsthand you can waste money and months of your time navigating the tricky waters of self-publishing. His quick, concise manual will show you all you need to know in one handy guide. – Michael Bradley, author and publisher ”

    “I was impressed because I am not computer savvy at all, but Greg made it simple to understand. – Eveline Horelle-Daily, author and lecturer”

    “If you are thinking about creating an ebook, read this book first. All you need to know is here, written in clear steps that will make it easy. – Gale Leach, award winning author ”

  • Guardians of Forever

    Coming in 2015. Cloning of humans was banned for good reason; but when TJ Bullock finds a way to clone his dead wife and child using alien tech, he can't resist.