Generic Segment Sheet - How To Publish an Ebook

1. Names & titles for speaking guests:

Greg Lundberg

Science Fiction & Non-fiction Author


2. Company name, phone number & website:

Quick Silver Books

Cell: 480-246-0615


3. Topic of segment:

How I published an Ebook for under $350


How to publish an Ebook for under $350


4. Main talking points of segment:

  • There are at least 500 million devices world-wide that can read eBooks. That is a HUGE market that can be tapped by self-published authors.
  • An author can receive up to 70% royalties on every eBook sold. That is far higher than traditional book publishing royalties of 6%. For example, if an eBook sells for $6.99, your royalty is $4.89 versus the traditional 42 cents per trade cover.
  • If you have patience and a little bit of technical aptitude, one can publish an eBook for relatively few dollars. I did it for under $350.

    5. There are 7 things you need in order to publish an eBook.

  • Hire a good copy editor.
  • Your book in an electronic format (most commonly MS Word).
  • High-quality book cover.
  • Set up a publishing company.
  • Obtain an ISBN number.
  • Convert your manuscript to an EPUB.
  • Create an author’s website and blog.

    Once your eBook is for sale, there are no more out of pocket costs. You see, there is no inventory. There are no printing presses. There are no freight charges. There are no sales clerks. There are no brick and mortar store overheads to pay. Once your eBook is on line, the big expense is over.



    If you are a frustrated author, you CAN get your works published and for a lot less money that you think. Visit my website at to see how I published my novel, Metamorphosis, for under $350. Or pick up a copy of the book, How To Publish An Ebook For Under $350, available from


    7. PR contact name, cell phone & email address:

    Cheryl Elizabeth

    Cell: 480-807-0023


    8. Cell phone number for guests in case of emergency:

    Cheryl Elizabeth

    Cell: 480-807-0023