The author holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering from The Ohio State University; an MBA from Arizona State University; and a 6Sigma Green Belt. An accomplished profit & loss manager, Greg also dabbles in HTML, database queries and object based coding. Currently, he serves as Vice President of Operations for a Phoenix area engineering and manufacturing company. He looks forward to the day when he can write full time.



Science Fiction

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  • Schrivener is a pretty inexpensive tool for organizing the chaos in a writer's head. I am a strong proponent of the software.

    Note: I receive no renumeration for my link to Literature & Latte dot com.

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  • New Book Series

    I am in the midst of creating a fresh new universe of science and technology to complement my next novel's characters. This universe will deal with cloning, artificial intelligence, telepathy, dark matter, and inter-species relations.

    July 1, 2014 | Read more


  • How To Publish an EBook for Under $350

    Greg Lundberg describes the seven things you need to successfully publish your ebook. This publication is designed for the do-it-yourself author/publisher who wants a highly professional-looking product for the least amount of money.

    “As an indie author and publisher, I know firsthand you can waste money and months of your time navigating the tricky waters of self-publishing. His quick, concise manual will show you all you need to know in one handy guide. – Michael Bradley, author and publisher ”

Interesting Articles

  • A Look Ahead to Self-Publishing in 2014

    Growing market, improved technology will help shape a maturing industry. - Alex Palmer

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  • Keeping things legal when publishing an ebook

    Ebook Tip #2 Free art or illustrations require a royalty-free license

    Dec 1, 2014 | Read more.

  • Planning ahead saves time

    TIP#3: If you intend to embed your author’s website URL in an ebook, create an Author’s Website or Blog first.

    Dec 10, 2014 | Read more.

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Celebrating the completion of my 100th flight hour. The airplane is a Cirrus SR22 G-2 and I am standing on the tarmack at Scottsdale Airpark in Scottsdale, Arizona.

My first on-air radio interview to discuss How to Publish an Ebook for Under $350. The radio program is The Steve Henry Show.

Our first big cross country trip together. My wife and I flew to Santa Fe, New Mexico in a Cirrus SR22 G-3.